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First released in September 2010 by Electronic Arts, FIFA 11--better known as FIFA Soccer 11 in the U.S.--is the 18th entry in EA's FIFA series of soccer video games. In addition to the Microsoft Windows PC version, the game is available for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. It can also be played as a handheld game on the Nintendo DS, the PlayStation Portable, and on Android, Blackberry, and Apple iOS devices. For the first time, the PC version of the FIFA game uses the same game engine as its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 counterparts.


FIFA 11 builds upon the progression set by previous iterations. Added to the game is FIFA World, a feature that enables gamers to customize their online avatars and fight for bragging rights on a leaderboard by clashing against one another online.

The 360-degree directional gameplay introduced by FIFA 10 is now enhanced with a true 360-degree dribbling system. This makes it easier for gamers to direct their players through spaces that would have been difficult to maneuver in the previous version. Also, with the press of the right button, players can now perform special tricks and skills on the pitch. The higher the "skill" rating of the player, the more impressive the tricks he can perform.

Perhaps the greatest innovation of this entry is the ability to control the goalkeeper. With new animation warping technology, goalkeepers are sharper and more agile than ever before. This results in more realistic positioning and momentum, better perception of where to gather loose balls, and more impressive save moves.


In its effort to match or surpass its direct rival, the Pro Evolution Soccer series, FIFA 11 does get overwhelming with its increased number of features. It could be tough for novices or less experienced gamers to learn and enjoy the game. Also, FIFA 11 has a clunky penalty kick system, which makes it harder to score penalty goals.

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